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Occult Encyclopedia supports the free and open exchange of information. In the pursuit of our mission to share all relevant information about occult subjects with the world, it is possible that there may be occasional infringement of copyright. This infringement is not intentional in any way and will be remedied on a case-by-case basis.

Copyright infringement

All graphics and text used on the Occult Encyclopedia are either within the public domain, are appropriately license for reuse, or have been uploaded by our users with a suitable license. Any graphics which do not include a specific license should be assumed to be fully protected by copyright, and may not be reused without permission from the copyright holder. The use of non-open-source graphics or text is not intended to be an act of copyright violation. If you notice a copyright infringement of your or anyone's work here, you should contact the Occult Encyclopedia’s administrator via e-mail at info@bloodstone.info for its prompt removal. If we decide your claim of copyright infringement is valid, the infringing material will be removed as quickly as possible. If you believe your claim is valid but we have not agreed to remove the offending material, you are welcome to file a DMCA Takedown Notice, which we will consider in due course.

Note that requesting removal of a graphic for an article may result in the removal of the associated article in its entirety in order to protect us from any possible claim of copyright infringement. If you would like to change the licensing status of your graphic so that it can be used on the Occult Encyclopedia, please contact us so that we can help you accomplish this.