Tepy-a Kenmet

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Tepy-a Kenmet as depicted in the tomb of Seti I

Tepy-a Kenmet is the first decan of the main decanal stars of Egyptian astrology.


The name Tepy-a Kenmet is literally translated as "predecessor of Kenmet." Most scholars believe Kenmet is translated as "the cow," meaning Tepy-a Kenmet is the "predecessor of the cow." It comes first in the Cow grouping of decans and is followed by the Kenmet decan. Although, the word kenmet may also be translated as "darkness," but given the names of the surrounding decanal stars, this is less likely.

Its name is transliterated as tpy-a knmt.


In astrology, Tepy-a Kenmet represents new beginnings and jubilation. Its heliacal rise occurs during the first week of the Egyptian calendar, beginning on I Akhet 1. This date does not directly translate to the Gregorian calendar, due to geographic differences in the rise of Sopdet/Sirius, but it generally occurs sometime in August.

Depending on the source, this decan is either ruled by the Egyptian deities Hapi and Imseti or by Geb.

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