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Sah as depicted on the astronomical ceiling of Senmut

Sah is the 34th decan of the main decanal stars of Egyptian astrology. The decan has its heliacal rise during the week of IV Shemu 1-10 in the Egyptian calendar.

Religious background

In overall power and importance, Sah is second only to Sopdet among the decans. He is featured extensively in the Pyramid Texts and Coffin Texts as the gatekeeper of the stairway to the night sky, the final path the deceased must follow before their soul joins the primordial gods as a shining star. The constellation that makes up the Sah group of decans is well known in Western astrology as Orion the Hunter.

His role as father of the gods is mentioned in Pyramid Text spell 273- 274: “A certificate is given to [the deceased] as a great power by Sah, the father of the gods.” Sah was also a leader of the decans in his capacity as the consort of Sopdet.


Sah is depicted on the Middle Kingdom Period coffins as a man with a beard (the beard is sometimes in the shape of his name glyph) looking away from his companion, Sopdet, while she is looking at the back of his head. This alignment mirrors the characteristic positions of Sirius and Orion in the southern sky. In the New Kingdom Period, Sah is depicted inside a barque and is sometimes combined with the god Osiris.

Divination meaning

The Egyptian Star Oracle connects this decan with protection from all dangers.


In ritual work, there are many reasons to practice evoking Sah, and the Coffin Texts provide the spells to do it effectively. The Naos of Decades states that Sah gives guaranteed protection against enemies. He is also responsible for killing serpents that are along the banks of the river. Finally, “he lights up upon those who view him as a red star in the night sky after he has beaten the enemies of the king.”

Sah's minerals are not listed on the Dendera D zodiac, but author Travis McHenry believes the mineral to be gold.

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