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The Egyptian Star Oracle, an example of oracle cards.

Oracle cards are a form of cartomancy which use specially-designed cards for divination or other spiritual work, such as self-transformation or self improvement.

They first appeared in the mid-1800s as an alternative to the more popular playing cards and Tarot cards, but especially grew in prominence starting in the late-1990s. Oracle cards have become nearly as popular and ubiquitous as Tarot cards among practitioners of esoteric arts.

Difference from Tarot

Oracle cards are similar to Tarot cards, but without the complex history. Each deck is unique to the author who created it and they usually include a booklet that explains the meanings behind each card and how to use the deck. Oracle cards don't have to be placed in a certain way, or require the reader to memorize their meanings because the cards generally have their meanings printed on their face whereas Tarot cards do not.

Overall, there are no established rules for reading with an oracle deck, so many readers like them for their flexibility. Some readers will even set the guide book aside and simply channel their own meanings for the cards. Oracle cards are not always designed for divination, they are often created with a specific purpose in mind, such as ritual magic, spiritual healing, or connecting with spiritual energies.

Modern oracle decks tend to be oriented toward "love and light" with positive, uplifting themes, while the Tarot encourages readers to embrace all aspects of life, including challenging events.

Example oracle decks