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Shetwy as depicted on the Dendera D Zodiac

Shetwy is the 37th decan of the main decanal stars of Egyptian astrology. The decan has its heliacal rise during the half-week of the five epagomenal days from IV Shemu 30 - I Akhet 1 in the Egyptian calendar. Its name is translated as "the two tortoises."


The 37th decan was devoted to the five epanomenal days, these days were added to align the 360-day calendar with the 365-day solar calendar. This means Shetwy only covers half of a typical Egyptian week. The glyph for this decan is either two or three tortoises, and the name Stwy can be literally interpreted to mean “multiple female tortoises.”

Divination meaning

The Egyptian Star Oracle connects this decan with the removal of obstacles.


In ritual work, Shetwy is a guide and can make a path where none existed before. The Naos of Decades states: “he will make an open road for the justified in front of the barque of Ra and will guide you on a good path.”

On the Dendera D zodiac, this decan is depicted as an anthropomorphic serpent carrying two nw-jars. On the same ceiling, this decan's minerals are listed as carnelian and gold.

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