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Satanachia's signature and character from The Grand Grimoire

Satanachia is a demon described in The Grand Grimoire as a commander-in-chief of Satan's army. He is commanded over by Lucifuge Rofocale, the Prime Minister of Hell.


This demon is not found in any previous grimoires and appears to be completely unique to the The Grand Grimoire.

Its name is derived from "Satan," with the added word "achia." Achia is a Romanized form of the proper name "Ahijah," which was a Hebrew name found in the Bible, including one of King Solomon's secretaries and a Levite in charge of the temple treasury. Achia is also an Italian family name and may indicate The Grand Grimoire's origins as an Italian book of magic.


Satanachia has the power to subjugate all women and girls, and to do with them whatever he wishes. He can also make anyone young or old. He controls either forty-five or fifty-four legions of demons, including Pruflas, Amon, and Barbatos.