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The Occult Encyclopedia was created on 16 October 2021 by Travis McHenry in an effort to share knowledge about occult and metaphysical topics with a broader audience.


The mission of this wiki is to become the definitive, authoritative source for information about esoteric, mystical topics.

On Wikipedia, these topics are considered fringe subjects and related articles are peppered with words like "supposedly," "claimed," and "allegedly." In the Occult Encyclopedia, articles about demons, angels and other spirits are treated with a more open mind. This gives our editors the freedom to incorporate sources that do not meet the criteria for academic rigor among the muggles working with Wikipedia.




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If you would like to become an editor for the Occult Encyclopedia, please request an account from the administrator. We'd love to have your help building out the articles and expanding the knowledge base! Learn more about contributing here: Occult:Accounts

With gratitude

This wiki would not be possible without the hard work by the assistant editors over at Encyclopedia Westarctica. The success of that wiki (with over 1,000 articles published in only three years!) directly led to the creation and success of the Occult Encyclopedia.

Occult Encyclopedia Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Travis McHenry
Contributing Editor: Kirby S.