The Grimoire of Heaven and Hell

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Detail of pages from the Third Edition of The Grimoire of Heaven and Hell

The Grimoire of Heaven and Hell is a modern grimoire of ritual magic written by occultist Travis McHenry and first published in 2019. The book contains detailed information about the 72 Kabbalistic angels and the 72 Goetic demons, including rituals for summoning them.

The grimoire was first released as a companion to The Oracle of Heaven and Hell.


Although only 124 pages, The Grimoire of Heaven and Hell is fully illustrated with pictures and summoning sigils for all 144 spirits commonly referenced in Solomonic ritual magic. The opening chapter explains the nature of angels and demons in a general sense, before delving into the various degrees of celestial and diabolical spirits. Most of the information in this section was collected from earlier works, relying heavily on Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy and Athanasius Kircher.

The text then continues to discuss the angels of the Shem HaMephorash and the Goetic demons in more depth. This opening chapter also covers the Hierarchy of Hell and the Hierarchy of angels, it is the first book to explore the theology behind the Goetic demons as fallen angels and the specific reason each demon has its rank.

The largest section of the book is devoted to explaining the functions of various angels and demons, including the 12 Archangels of the Zodiac and Archdemons of the Zodiac, much of which had never been published in the english language before. While many of the summoning sigils may be found in previous grimoires, some of them were gathered from obscure texts from the Medieval period.

Finally, the book closes with an extensive chapter giving techniques and rituals for summoning and evoking various spirits. There are also recipes for creating holy water and Hell water. The recipe for Hell water was an original creation by Travis McHenry.


The grimoire collates information from a wide range of sources concerning the kabbalistic angels and demons, which is fused together with the author's own work.


Hand-bound edition of The Grimoire of Heaven and Hell

As of January 2022, there have been four editions of The Grimoire of Heaven and Hell published in six different versions:

First Edition 2019

  • Hand-bound with coptic binding - This version had a wooden cover with gold and copper leaf inlay. The pages were distressed to appear aged. It was limited to 135 numbered copies.
  • Hardcover - Limited to 250 numbered copies.
  • Softcover - Limited to 300 numbered copies.

Second Edition 2020

  • Hardcover - unlimited

Third Edition 2020

  • Softcover - This version had additional information added about working with the angels and an additional ritual from The Grimoire of Dark Souls relating to the Ritual of the Seventh Gate. It had a leatherette cover with gold foil embossing on the front and spine. It was released as an unlimited edition, although less than 500 copies were printed.

Fourth Edition 2021

  • Digital - The fourth edition had minor corrections and was only released in digital format concurrent with the third print edition.

Fifth Edition 2022

  • Softcover - This edition had three added pages, showing the layout of the Ritual of the Seventh Gate as well as an explanatory passage concerning guardian angels. It was released in digital and print formats. Only 350 copies were printed.

Sixth Edition 2023

  • Softcover - This edition maintained the page count of the previous editions, but had an added image of Baphomet and a chart showing the archangels who ruled over the days of the week and the hours of the day and night.

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