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The Goetic demons are the 72 infernal spirits listed in the Ars Goetia section of the Lesser Key of Solomon. They are alternately called "demons" or "spirits," depending on the translation and the source of the text.

They are closely connected to the 72 Kabbalistic angels, and are subject to them.


The demons are ranked according the the Hierarchy of Hell as Kings, Dukes, Princes, Marquises, Earls, Presidents, and a single Knight. Each demon is generally accorded a number, based on when the demon was summoned by King Solomon to be put to work building his temple. Although some versions of the Ars Goetia do not provide the origin story of the demons, all versions do follow the same basic numbering system. Some versions alter the ranking of each demon, but generally, they are consistent across all versions.

List of the demons

Goetic Number Name Rank Ruling Angel
1 Bael King Vehuiah
2 Agares Duke Ieliel
3 Vassago Prince Sitael
4 Samigina Marquis Elemiah
5 Marbas President Mahasiah
6 Valefor Duke Iehahel
7 Amon Marquis Achaiah
8 Barbatos Duke Cahethel
9 Paimon King Haziel
10 Buer President Aladiah
11 Guison Duke Laviah
12 Sitri Prince Hahaiah
13 Beleth King Iezalel
14 Leraje Marquis Mebahel
15 Eligos Duke Hariel
16 Zepar Duke Hakamiah
17 Botis Count or President Loviah
18 Bathin Duke Caliel
19 Sallos Duke Levuiah
20 Purson King Pahaliah
21 Marax Count or President Nelchael
22 Ipos Count or Prince Ieiaiel
23 Aim Duke Melahel
24 Naberius Marquis Hahuiah
25 Glasya-Labolas Count or President Nithhaiah
26 Bune Duke Haaiah
27 Ronove Count or Marquis Ierathel
28 Berith Duke Seehiah
29 Astaroth Duke Reiaiel
30 Forneus Marquis Omael
31 Foras President Lecabel
32 Asmoday King Vasariah
33 Gaap Prince or President Iehuiah
34 Furfur Count Lehahiah
35 Marchosias Marquis Chauakiah
36 Stolas Prince Manadel
37 Phenex Marquis Aniel
38 Halphas Count Haamiah
39 Malphas President Rehael
40 Raum Count Ieiazel
41 Focalor Duke Hahahel
42 Vepar Duke Mikael
43 Sabnock Marquis Veualiah
44 Shax Marquis Ielahiah
45 Vine Count or King Sealiah
46 Bifrons Count Ariel
47 Vual Duke Asaliah
48 Haagenti President Mihael
49 Crocell Duke Vehuel
50 Furcas Knight Daniel
51 Balam King Hahasiah
52 Alloces Duke Imamiah
53 Caim President Nanael
54 Murmur Count or Duke Nithael
55 Orobas Prince Mebahiah
56 Gremory Duke Poiel
57 Ose President Nemamiah
58 Amy President Ieialel
59 Orias Marquis Harahel
60 Vapula Duke Mizrael
61 Zagan King or President Umabel
62 Valac President Iahhel
63 Andras Marquis Anauel
64 Haures Duke Mehiel
65 Andrealphus Marquis Damabiah
66 Cimeies Marquis Manakel
67 Amdusias Duke Eiael
68 Belial King Habuhiah
69 Decarabia Marquis Rochel
70 Seere Prince Iabamiah
71 Dantalion Duke Haiaiel
72 Andromalius Count Mumiah