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Chart showing the names of the 72 Kabbalistic Angels in Hebrew and English.

The Kabbalistic angels, also known as the Angels of the Shem HaMephorash, are 72 celestial spirits whose names are derived from the 72-fold name of the Hebrew god as found in the Book of Exodus.

They are closely connected to the 72 Goetic demons, which they rule over.


It is an old kabbalistic doctrine that all the universe is permeated with the virtues and power of the Divine Names, which represent the various attributes of the Infinite Being. These Names are like openings in the abyss, through which we attain an uplifting of our limited faculties.

The supreme expansion of the Divine Name is called Shem HaMephorash, being the word expounded in its fullness. The names of the 72 Angels of the Kabbalah connect with the power of the Divine Name as their names are devised from His through a series of mathematical and alphabetical permutations exercised by the ancient kabbalists.

The 72 names

All the letters comprising the 72-fold name (and thus the names of the 72 Angels) are derived from the Book of Exodus, chapter 14, verses 19 - 21. Each of the three verses contains exactly 72 letters, and when one letter is taken from each verse in the kabbalistic pattern, they form 72 three-letter names that are unique to each Angel. The verses tell the story of the Angel of God, who protected the fleeing Israelites from the army of the Pharaoh. It was Moses who spoke the 72-fold name aloud and caused God to part the Red Sea.

Exodus verse

Exodus 14 19 And the angel of God, which went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them; and the pillar of the cloud went from before their face, and stood behind them:

20 And it came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel; and it was a cloud and darkness to them, but it gave light by night to these: so that the one came not near the other all the night.

21 And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.

Creating the 72 names

Take the three verses beginning vayisa, vayabo, and vayet, and write them out one by one in a vertical column from right to left such that the letters of each word follow in one from another from top to bottom. Then take the first letter of the first verse, which is called Vav (V); next working the other way take the last letter of the second verse, hay (H) and lastly go to the beginning of the third verse which you will find is Vav again.

When you link up these three letters in this order the first angel's mnemonic V-H-V is obtained, the second angel is Y-H-Y, and the third is S-Y-T.

The 72 Kabbalistic angels

Number Angel Name Choir Biblical Verse Demon Ruled Over
1 Vehuiah Seraphim Psalms 3:3 Bael
2 Ieliel Seraphim Psalms 22:19 Agares
3 Sitael Seraphim Psalms 91:2 Vassago
4 Elemiah Seraphim Psalms 6:4 Samigina
5 Mahasiah Seraphim Psalms 34:4 Marbas
6 Iehahel Seraphim Psalms 9:11 Valefor
7 Achaiah Seraphim Psalms 103:8 Amon
8 Cahethel Seraphim Psalms 95:6 Barbatos
9 Haziel Cherubim Psalms 25:6 Paimon
10 Aladiah Cherubim Psalms 33:22 Buer
11 Laviah Cherubim Psalms 18:46 Guison
12 Hahaiah Cherubim Psalms 110:1 Sitri
13 Iezalel Cherubim Psalms 98:4 Beleth
14 Mebahel Cherubim Psalms 9:9 Leraje
15 Hariel Cherubim Psalms 94:22 Eligos
16 Hakamiah Cherubim Psalms 88:1 Zepar
17 Loviah Thrones Psalms 8:9 Botis
18 Caliel Thrones Psalms 35:24 Bathin
19 Levuiah Thrones Psalms 40:1 Sallos
20 Pahaliah Thrones Psalms 120:1-2 Purson
21 Nelchael Thrones Psalms 31:14 Marax
22 Ieiaiel Thrones Psalms 121:5 Ipos
23 Melahel Thrones Psalms 121:8 Aim
24 Hahuiah Thrones Psalms 33:18 Naberius
25 Nithhaiah Dominions Psalms 9:1 Glasya-Labolas
26 Haaiah Dominions Psalms 119:145 Bune
27 Ierathel Dominions Psalms 140:1 Ronove
28 Seehiah Dominions Psalms 71:12 Berith
29 Reiaiel Dominions Psalms 54:4 Astaroth
30 Omael Dominions Psalms 71:5 Forneus
31 Lecabel Dominions Psalms 71:16 Foras
32 Vasariah Dominions Psalms 33:4 Asmoday
33 Iehuiah Virtues Psalms 94:11 Gaap
34 Lehahiah Virtues Psalms 131:3 Furfur
35 Chauakiah Virtues Psalms 116:1 Marchosias
36 Manadel Virtues Psalms 26:8 Stolas
37 Aniel Virtues Psalms 80:3 Phenex
38 Haamiah Virtues Psalms 91:9 Halphas
39 Rehael Virtues Psalms 30:10 Malphas
40 Ieiazel Virtues Psalms 88:14 Raum
41 Hahahel Powers Psalms 120:2 Focalor
42 Mikael Powers Psalms 121:7 Vepar
43 Veualiah Powers Psalms 88:13 Sabnock
44 Ielahiah Powers Psalms 119:108 Shax
45 Sealiah Powers Psalms 94:18 Vine
46 Ariel Powers Psalms 145:9 Bifrons
47 Asaliah Powers Psalms 92:5 Vual
48 Mihael Powers Psalms 98:2 Haagenti
49 Vehuel Principalities Psalms 145:3 Crocell
50 Daniel Principalities Psalms 145:8 Furcas
51 Hahasiah Principalities Psalms 104:31 Balam
52 Imamiah Principalities Psalms 7:17 Alloces
53 Nanael Principalities Psalms 119:75 Caim
54 Nithael Principalities Psalms 103:19 Murmur
55 Mebahiah Principalities Psalms 102:12 Orobas
56 Poiel Principalities Psalms 145:14 Gremory
57 Nemamiah Archangels Psalms 115:11 Ose
58 Ieialel Archangels Psalms 6:3 Amy
59 Harahel Archangels Psalms 113:3 Orias
60 Mizrael Archangels Psalms 145:17 Vapula
61 Umabel Archangels Psalms 113:2 Zagan
62 Iahhel Archangels Psalms 119:159 Valac
63 Anauel Archangels Psalms 100:2 Andras
64 Mehiel Archangels Psalms 33:18 Haures
65 Damabiah Angels Psalms 90:13 Andrealphus
66 Manakel Angels Psalms 38:21 Cimeies
67 Eiael Angels Psalms 37:4 Amdusias
68 Habuhiah Angels Psalms 106:1 Belial
69 Rochel Angels Psalms 16:5 Decarabia
70 Iabamiah Angels Genesis 1:1 Seere
71 Haiaiel Angels Psalms 109:30 Dantalion
72 Mumiah Angels Psalms 116:7 Andromalius

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