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Bloodstone Studios is a publishing company specializing in occult and esoteric works such as Tarot cards, grimoires, and other metaphysical products.


The company was founded on 14 September 2018 by Travis McHenry, an occultist and author who had been writing and self-publishing books since 2006. After the successful release of his first deck of Tarot cards, The Demon-Possessed Tarot through a crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign, Travis incorporated Bloodstone Studios as an limited liability company in California with a board of managing directors based in Reno, Nevada. Although he fulfilled the duties of a CEO, Travis was given the title and salary of Vice President of Operations until the company could prove to be profitable.

In 2019, Bloodstone Studios opened an office near Beverly Hills, on the corner of Pico Blvd and La Cienega Blvd. This location allowed the company to increase its production and shipping capacity while storing excess inventory. From this headquarters location, McHenry signed a lucrative licensing deal with Australian mind-body-spirit publisher Rockpool Publishing. He was promoted to Chief Executive Officer of the company later that year.

After working exclusively at the La Cienega Blvd location for two years, Bloodstone Studios' operations moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Nevada in March 2021. The company was re-incorporated as a Nevada LLC. The same year, it was granted a trademark over the name Bloodstone Studios.


Bloodstone Studios office in Los Angeles

The name Bloodstone Studios was chosen because the mineral bloodstone is known in magical circles to combat fear while enhancing divination abilities. The Grand Grimoire specifically instructs a magician to carry a bloodstone in their pocket while performing ritual magic.

Additionally, the word "bloodstone" sounds slightly dark and mysterious, having blood as its root word.


The majority of books and divination decks published by Bloodstone Studios were either written by or edited by Travis McHenry.

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