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The Occult Tarot deck

The Occult Tarot is a deck of Tarot cards created by occultist Travis McHenry.


The deck contains Tarot cards depicting the 72 Goetic demons of the Lesser Key of Solomon as well as six powerful Princes of Hell. Each card contains the demon's summoning sigil and a description of its abilities.

The backs of the cards have the Secret Seal of Solomon and an invocation to summon the demons.

Publication history

The Occult Tarot was originally published in September 2018 as The Demon-Possessed Tarot by Bloodstone Studios.

In early 2019, the author signed a five year licensing deal with Australian mind-body-spirit publisher Rockpool Publishing to reprint the deck as the Occult Tarot for a broader audience. This new version of the deck went on sale in April 2020. It is a companion deck to the Angel Tarot.

French edition

In November 2021, a French edition of this deck, titled Le Tarot Occulte was created and published by TresDaniel Groupe under their Editions Exergue imprint.

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